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5 Tips for the Best Sleep

by Caileen Vermilyea |


We all know that sleep is essential for our health, but as a society we keep trending towards getting less and less. 

We have bright screens that keep us up and stressful routines, which just seem to be part of the grind. With eyes staring at screens, you may find yourself feeling wired and tired.

How often do you look for a quick fix at the end of the night to help you fall asleep?

Over the counter supplements and drugs, such as Melatonin and Ambien, only go so far before they start losing their effectiveness. Soon the nasty side effects begin to pop up, and you may be even worse off than before.

The Doctors at Heaven & Earth Apothecary respect how important sleep is for overall health and wellbeing. They felt inspired to share their 5 favorite tips to help you regain restful sleep and a feeling of rejuvenation upon waking.



Although breathing is a fundamental part of life, many people constantly take shallow breaths and are experiencing suboptimal energy levels. Deepening your breath will both relax your body and flush fresh blood your brain. 

Your breath is more than just a tool to survive, it is your best friend for sleep. 

When you lay down at night, find a good neutral and comfortable position. 

Begin taking long slow deep breaths, rooted deep in your belly. 

Inhale for 5, hold for 3 and exhale for 7 counts.

Picture the air you are inhaling as golden light. filling up your body with goodness. With an exhale, and release any tension or uncomfortable sensations in your body. 

With each and every breath, you will find yourself resting more easily. 

Your left nostril is associated with a yin, relaxed state. 

Try breathing predominantly out of your left nostril when needing to calm yourself down. 


sleep hygiene

We all really love our beds! 

Do you find yourself spending time in bed, engaged in activities other than sleep or making love? This habit will train your brain to associate your bed with a sense of alertness, rather than with rest. 

Rediscover peaceful evenings by removing these arbitrary bedroom habits. 

These messages are confusing for your brain, leaving you in an energetic flip flop between wakefulness and rest

The state of your bedroom is a reflection of your mind. 

 Keeping your room clutter free is key. With no distraction in sight, your mind can find peace. Embrace a clean and simple space. 

Check out this Feng Shui guide, a great practice for promoting calm spaces.



Writing and doodling are some of the greatest ways to express yourself. 

This can be creative, abstract, literal, notes to self, reflections, 

or anything you may feel called to create in the moment.

Clear your mind space by surrendering your thoughts and emotions onto paper.


By giving your pervasive thoughts a place to reside, they will no longer keep you up in the evening. 


 Option: Draw what good sleep means to you.

We love a good mandala coloring book if you prefer doodling.

 Check out favorite one!


blue light

Blue light is the most strenuous and stimulating  

frequency of light for the human eye.  

This may sound familiar if you’ve ever found yourself with a mean headache, a tight scalp, and tense shoulders from a day of working on the computer screen. 

Avoid blue light, preferably for 2 hours before bedtime. 

Utilizing tech's built in features to tone down the blue frequency is key. 

Wear blue light blockers, and avoiding technology first thing in the morning as well.This will calm down your nervous system and reduce the strain on our eyes.  

Use candle light at night.  

This warm light will invite your eyes to rest. 

We recommend the highest quality blue light blockers made by Swanwick.   



Whole plant medicine is a nourishing tool for sleep. 

Drugs and supplements can only do so much. Melatonin, for example, only will help you fall asleep, without actually keeping you in a deep sleep state.

 Better to rely on your own natural sleep cycles, along   

with the tips we've talked about so far.  

Pharmaceutical sleep aids can be addictive and have plenty of harmful side effectsYou may find yourself experiencing nausea, vomiting, dizziness, 

insomnia, aggression, confusion, and loss of coordination 

if you are using sleeping pills frequently.  

Flashy products in the market combine all sorts of compounds, extracts,  

and vitamins that can lead to feelings of drowsiness in the morning.  

Whats the solution then? 

 Balanced, whole plant medicine allows the body to sink into its natural 

circadian rhythm, rather than forcing our body into a place of false rest. 

 We made our Therapeutic Grade Sleep Tea with just this in mind.

 Its truly one of our favorite products we’ve created.Sleep is monumentally important for our health. 

We feel very passionateabout giving people the tools for deep nourishing rest.

Lets breakdown our favorite herbs for better sleep. 

 Feel free to play with some of your own herbal blends. 

 Passionflower//Passiflora incarnata

 It’s gentle sedative and soothing properties are celebrated, 

 and expressed with a light and sweet taste. 

 Restlessness and nervousness melt, and a calm nervous system 

 is restored, upon meeting passionflower. 

 Skullcap//Scutellaria lateriflora 

 Aids in healing the nervous system in an adaptogenic manner. 

 It increases our nervous system function and improves cellular communication. 

 This can be of great help in nervy shooting pains, headaches, 

 numbness, brain fog, fatigue, tremors, stress and more. 

 Holy basil//Ocimum sanctum 

 Revered as an elixir of life in Ayurveda. This ‘mother of medicine’ 

 has an overall balancing role in the body. 

 The medicinal contributions of this plant are endless, from 

 reducing stress, protecting the liver, tonifying the heart, and beyond. 

 Chamomile//Matricaria recutita 

 Chamomile is one of the most quintessential nurturing and calming herbs.

 It’s muscle relaxing and nervous system restoring properties 

 are seemingly instantaneous with just the first sip..

Herbs are potent medicine and should be respected 

 as an effective tool for regaining balance. 

 As always, please consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplement,as some herbs can have interactions with medications and can exacerbate disease process.

So the next time you are having trouble with your sleep, 

 try implementing a few of these tips we’ve shared. 

 We don’t want you to rely on herbs or sleeping pills, 

 so we encourage doing as much for your routine 

 and lifestyle to help you fall asleep and get better sleep! 

 We hope you have the sweetest dreams! 

 ~Dr. Macsay & Dr. Vermilyea  

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