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A brief look at CBD

by Caileen Vermilyea |


CBD, a component of cannabis, has been used for its medicinal effects for ages (more than 3,000 years!). While recent scientific advances have made the naming of this compound possible, it’s therapeutic properties have been palpable long before it’s claimed fame. It appears that this medicine was not appreciated in the western world until the 19th century, however there is evidence of hemp being utilized, as a pain reliever, as far back as the Neolithic age in many different parts of the world. 

It’s ability to grow in many different climates and regions of the planet emphasize the adaptability of the plant, which we are only starting to intellectually comprehend.

Health Benefits:

Where to start? The health benefits of this plant are astronomical. The cannabis sativa plant is chock full of cannabinoids (including CBD and many others), terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, and an array of vitamins and minerals. These different components are celebrated for the multitude of effects that are experienced from ingestion of this plant. Notably, the Hypothalmus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis and Nervous System functions are enhanced with utilization of this medicine. These two important components of our bodies are responsible for how we respond to stressors. Hemp is best known as an ‘adaptogen’, meaning it helps our bodies to adapt to stress. Stress, whether physical, mental, or emotional, is where all disease processes stem from. 


By enhancing the body’s resistance to stress and decreasing hyper-active states, hemp can serve as the missing link in the resolution of many of the most common concerns of our current culture. This includes anxiety, depression, mood imbalances, brain fog, poor cognition, decreased energy, pain, insomnia, poor digestion, and autoimmune processes. More advanced manifestations of disease, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc), and seizure disorders also can benefit greatly from utilization of hemp, due to the protection it provides from inflammation and oxidative stress.

What can the label tell you?

You’ll see a wide range of terms for cannabinoids on many products in the marketplace. This becomes quite apparent if you go to a store and peruse the shelves for hemp products. Words like phytocannabinoids, hemp rich extract, broad spectrum, full spectrum, isolate, distillate and all these other fun seemingly magical words.


So what’s the deal with all these names?

First off the lack of industry regulation, which has been constantly developing and taking shape since the passing of the farm bill in the senate, and consensus from the federal government or local governments on what is or is not allowed in hemp products make it tricky for companies to know exactly what to put on their label in order to sell their products. Many companies in the past were using full spectrum oils or whole plant extracts but would plainly label the whole cannabinoid content as CBD, which is not accurate in any sense. Down the road, we end up with synonyms upon synonyms to describe cannabinoids and hemp extracts. 

Here are some quick guidelines to know the difference:

Crude oil 

Solvent extracted hemp material, which includes lots of resins, waxes, minerals, flavanoids, etc. This provides the benefit of a complete hemp plant profile. The taste can be quite intense and herbaceous and can lead to an unstable final product.

Winterized oil

Crude oil with waxes, resins, and other oils removed resulting in a cleaner product for better flavor. Still contains a wide variety of the constituents of a hemp plant for a great synergistic effect.


Typically 99% CBD & CBDV or higher for the best quality isolate. Isolates lack the synergistic qualities that increase beneficial effects and decrease dosing needs since they contain almost no other components of the hemp plant. It is effective for providing easy CBD dosing and a pure product free of any THC.


A blend of 99% CBD isolate and select terpenes, often from the cannabis plant that the isolate was extracted from, but may be flavored by designer terpenes. The terpene content gives the terpsolate an advantage over CBD isolate via a mild of the entourage effect. If too many terpenes, as there are essentially essential oils, are added and ingested by humans this can damage the mucosal linings of the body including the digestive system and the lungs. You’ll often find this type in vape products.


Distilled from crude oil to create a clean final product, free of solvents. Distillate and solventless oil, can be full spectrum or broad spectrum. Considered to be one of the more pure high quality extracts available, typically in full spectrum or broad spectrum form (see below). Misses out on the fats, minerals, flavanoids etc.  

Phytocannabinoid rich oil This can mean any number of things depending on what the manufacturer is using as a cannabinoids source. It can be a full spectrum or broad spectrum, it could be distillate or isolate dissolved in oil. If it is not explicitly stated on the package and there is no COA available you cannot be sure of its content composition.

Hemp cannabinoid oil

A number of companies online will sell hemp extract oil with a mg quantity, but will have confusing and contradicting language. If the product states that it is made of hemp seed oil, it may not have the cannabinoid rich qualities you are looking for. Always buy from companies that are transparent and clear in their labeling. 

Full spectrum extract
This can mean the manufacturer is using crude, winterized oil, or distillate in the products. It may not always be apparent, so if you are curious what’s in your product always make sure to reach out as companies are happy to answer your questions. 

Broad spectrum extract

think full spectrum extract, but with the THC removed. This will likely be a distillate extract and excellent for those who have to strictly avoid THC in their system but want to get as close to the entourage effect as possible. 

In a perfect world the most complete profile could be consumed the way nature intended it to be. Unfortunately to create pure, efficacious, and palatable products many companies have to make products with a cleaner profile up to supplement manufacturing standards. 

 If you are unclear as to what type of product is best for you, or what dose you need, always make sure to reach out to a healthcare professional in your area that has clinical cannabis experience. They are typically happy to do a free consultation to see what your needs are and are becoming more numerous by day.

Our CBD Methods
What makes our CBD different?

Firstly, it is important to know that we do not isolate CBD in our formulas. This means that, unlike pharmaceuticals, we are not removing one constituent of the plant and calling it medicine. Rather, we are growing full hemp plants, which are rich in CBD, as well as the other wonderful constituents that work in a synergistic fashion with CBD. The medicinal properties of CBD are enhanced when they are in concert with the other compounds that are naturally present in hemp.

Secondly, there are profound differences between industrial hemp and medical cannabis. Most notably, hemp has a very very low THC content. While the THC is still present in trace amounts, it does not equate to the psychoactive effects that are felt with products using medicinal cannabis. We do not remove all the THC purposefully, for trace amounts of THC actually increase the effectiveness of the remainder of cannabinoids in the plant. Further, the growing practices of outdoor-grown hemp is much more environmentally sustainable than it’s indoor-grown medical cannabis counterpart. 

Thirdly, our farm is built on the foundation of sustainability and permaculture practices. We ensure that we are completely vertical in our hemp growing, processing, and handling. This means that we know and trust all hands that are involved in the placement of the seeds in the earth, to the product on the shelves. Because we understand the importance of purity, we third party test our soil, the plants throughout the growing season, all extracts, as well as the final products. We strive on being thoughtful about each and every step of the process, including sustainable and compostable packaging and labels. 

Lastly, we appreciate that no plant grows in isolation in nature. Plants grow with common company nearby, due to their communication and enhancement of each others growth. Similarly, utilizing hemp in combination with other botanicals helps to enhance the properties of hemp. This is why we have included hemp in conjunction with other powerful botanicals in many of our formulas, specifically to soothe pain, to calm anxiety/overactive states, to focus the mind, and to support sleep.  

Why and how daily use

Whether you are currently experiencing high levels of stress, or feeling burned out from long term stressors, this medicine will help your body to better adapt. This means improved mood, balanced energy, decreased pain, improved sleep, increased cognitive potential, and reduction of body-wide inflammation.

Daily use of CBD-rich hemp will both reduce current discomfort, as well as prevent many disease processes from progressing. It is considered a ‘preventative medicine’ due to its regulating and supporting effect on each and every organ system in the body. Hemp is the modern apple, a dose a day keeping the doctor away. 

Check out the many different formulas we have designed, incorporating hemp, to find the one that is best for you! 


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