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Nestled in a southern Oregon valley

We bask on a sunny southern facing hillside gazing out to Mt. Shasta


Health is a continuous commitment to caring for oneself, choosing a balanced lifestyle to harness our bodies healing energy, giving us the love we deserve.

Our roots are set deep in the truth of the land's medicine.

In the beginning, 25 years ago, a buddhist community declared our land an auspicious healing space, whose fruits should be shared with the world. 

Passionate, tireless work has fostered a foundation for farm. We strive to continuously expand as we further develop a holistic space for herbal cultivation, communal spaces and retreats.

Sustainable organic,
permaculture farm

Our hemp plants are grown with nothing but water, sunshine, & the natural elements. 

We utilize the natural key line features of our land to minimize water usage and maximize runoff into our ponds so it can be reused.Biodynamic farming principles are a large focus for us. Adapting with the land, minimizing our footprint, and fixing nutrients back in to the soil keeps allows us to give back to earth that grows our medicine.

Pure & Honest

We ensure the most up to date extraction, infusion, and emulsion practices to bring forth the purest, most potent qualities of our herbs. The materials that we purchase come from the highest quality organic suppliers.

 -All plant material and extracts are 3rd party tested. No artificial coloring, preservatives, flavors, or additives ever used.

International Partners

Our partners at Heaven & Earth Medicinals Brazil are currently working hard at getting us integrated into the national medical system. Our goal is to provide our high quality and potent hemp oils to help treat patients for specific diseases such as epilepsy, autism, and fibromyalgia. The Heaven & Earth team will be helping educate medical doctors on the potential use of hemp as a medical treatment

Small batch pricing

Hemp & CBD products are notoriously expensive. We grow our own, therefore we can provide high quality, effective products without cutting corners on production costs.