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Organic Herbal Medicine

Naturally grown, 

consciously crafted, 

gracefully balanced.


We are excited to introduce Heaven & Earth Medicinals, a brand new herbal medicine company. 

We are a team of Naturopathic doctors, herbalists and permaculture farmers that have united to share herbal medicine. We grow our ingredients on a sunny southern facing hillside, in southern Oregon, under the gaze of Mt. Shasta. Our farming practices follow strict organic and sustainable guidelines that both utilize and give back to the land. 


We honor the healing wisdom of nature, flora & fungal medicine. Our products are built on traditional herbal practices, combining eastern & western herbalism to provide functional medicinal formulations. 

We exclusively use full spectrum hemp extract and whole plant extracts.  Dosages are based on the compounding effects of a synergistic formula. The desired beneficial effects are achieved with low dosages, allowing the body to properly absorb, assimilate, and utilize active compounds in a sustainable way. 

We use organic ingredients and avoid artificial additives, colorings, and flavors in all of our products. Our packaging and labeling is completely sustainable and compostable, as to further decrease our footprint on the environment. 


We strive to be more than just a medicinal company. Our hope is to educate and support individuals, through their healing process, so they no longer need medicinals or nutraceuticals to achieve internal balance. 


Three powerful formulas that target specific ailments. Each blend combines the healing properties of botanical medicine, including Industrial Hemp and an assortment of powerful herbs, chosen wisely to address the disease processes most present today. 

Alcohol extractions allow for the greatest diversity of herbal constituents to be represented. This ensures that the highest therapeutic potential of each herb is reached. 


Honest and Simple Hemp oils. 

Organic full spectrum hemp, in pure MCT oil, celebrates the fat-soluble compounds of hemp.  


“I swear by the Potent oil! I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for months, and didn’t begin to feel a noticeable sense of relief from the inflammation until I started using Heaven & Earth Medicinals. It’s also the perfect sleep remedy if you have a challenging time winding down at the end of the day. Can not recommend this product and company enough!”

Maria Macsay - 500 YTT, Health Coach, Professional Dancer

“The Calm formula is extremely effective in helping me relax and have a good night rest!! It has changed my quality of sleep for the better and I do not wake up groggy. My mind is extremely active at night and with 30 minutes of taking a couple droppers of Calm I feel relaxed and ready to nourish my body with sleep. I recommend this product to my patients who have difficulty sleeping and have been getting great feedback! I love this product and so do my patients!”

Dr. Ali Gordon, ND

Seed to Seal

All of the hemp utilized in our formulas is grown, processed and formulated, into our product line, on our farm in Southern Oregon. Our efforts are actively moving us towards growing the majority of our medicinal herbs & mushrooms on our land. This allows us to become completely vertical in our production standards.

We ensure product safety and integrity by 3rd party testing all of our product batches, 

with easy to look up analysis reports on our website.

Naturopathic DR. Formulated

GMO Free

Caffeine Free




Sugar Free

What we ask

Try our oils for general wellness and improved day to day function. 


an elixir for a specific complaint such as fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, or chronic pain!!

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We strive to use every part of the plant we grow and recycle as many used material as well.We are currently working to create hemp cretetiny homes on our land to house workers, volunteers, and retreat goeers.


The H&E team constantly strives to aid the education of hemp and CBD use in the medical field, and stay up to date on the current literature surrounding medicinal herbs in general.

Healing Retreats

For professionals, yogis, doctors, family, freinds and children. Health retreats based on group healing, and educational experiences. We will offer a number of certification courses.