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DR. Formulated Sleep Tea

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Sleep deeper & longer

  • Wake up with more energy

This blend signals the body to increase melatonin production and decrease cortisol, which facilitates deeper sleep. Mentally, these botanicals uplift and reduce negative thoughts while enhancing a tranquil head space well equipped for peaceful dreams.

sleep teasleep tea

balances & Supports

Sedating and hypnotic qualities 

increase sleep time and REM cycles

Bolsters feeling of calm, wellbeing, and euphoria

Encourage deep healing throughout the night, 

resets our internal clock


A restorative blend, energetically uplifting and physiologically encouraging of a deeper state of sleep.

Masterfully blended by doctors and herbalists, this tea was created to provide scientifically proven herbs that allow the body to fall into its natural circadian rhythm. 

You'll find yourself well rested, without any grogginess in the morning when you drink our Sleep Tea.

Sleep. Rest. Recover. Insomnia. Dreams. Deep sleep. Circadian.
sleep teasleep tea


20 servings

A restorative blend, energetically uplifting and physiologically encourages a deeper state of sleep.


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Sleep is essential for our health, yet most of us can't seem to get good enough sleep.

Over the counter drugs and sleep aids fail to provide the body with the tools to fall into our natural sleep cycle. They leave us groggy in the morning and the more we take them the less they work.

Our sleep tea utilizes the healing power of herbal medicine to allow the body to find ease and relaxation. These non-drowsy yet relaxing herbs will let you sink deep into your body and find the natural sleep cycle its been craving.

Benefits of Sleep tea

Quells Anxiety

Instantly brings and uplifting nature to our being. Allows negative thought cycles and over active minds to diffuse naturally.

Prevents Insomnia

Hypnotic in all the right ways, it allows for us to seamlessly transition into a deep state of rest when we hit the pillow. 

Releases Tension

Feel your muscles release their tension as a wave of relaxation comes over your body with every sip of tea you take.

Enhanced Dreams

Calms the overactivity of the mind at night creates the space for pleasant and nourishing dreams to populate our second life at night.

Full nights of sleep

Utilizing herbs to help the body fall asleep on its terms, allows our natural sleep cycles to operate throughout the night. You won't find yourself waking up with after drinking the Sleep Tea!



Get the best sleep of your life!

Delicious and nourishing, these organic and wildcrafted herbs are sure to be a treat at the end of any day.

Wether you are wired or over tired, potent medicinals herbs are always the best way to get into your natural sleep groove.

Sleep. Tea. Herb. Medicine. Insomnia. Anxiety. Tension. Dreams.

Message from the doctor

Sleep is the “chief nourisher in life’s feast” 

~ Shakespeare

It is likely not surprising to know that our physical bodies benefit from sleep. The recovery time sleep provides allows for our musculoskeletal system to repair from the micro-injuries attained throughout the day. From an athletic standpoint, proper amounts of sleep allow for muscle regeneration and healing to occur. Evidently, leading you to wake up stronger than when you went to sleep.

~ DR. Caileen Vermilyea

Our sleep tonic tea is a combination of eight wonderful sleep supporting botanicals. Experience how this elixir brings deep rest to your evening routine & clarity to your waking hours.

Heaven & Earth stands by their products and offers a no questions asked 30 day refund policy. Simply try it and then return it if you don't love the experience.




How long will it take to feel the effects?

The beautiful thing about teas is that they release lots of the potent aromatic compounds that have fast acting effects on our nervous system. This means that a good fresh tea should be felt with the first sip. A noticeable wave of relaxation will wash over you within half an hour of finishing your tea.

How much should I take?

We created our loose leaf teas, because a regular tea bag will never provide an effective dose of herbs for medicinal use. We recommend a rounded tablespoon to start. Some people may need less, some people may need more. We encourage you to explore your own needs and find what works best for you. Remember, herbal medicine affects every person in a unique way!

What if it doesn't work for me?

Over the counter medication, flashy supplements, and even herbs will never be the end all for your sleep. What we do throughout the day, what we put into our bodies, and the types of thoughts and emotions that run through our mind all have a profound effect on how we sleep. We encourage you to check out our quick tips for getting a better night of sleep. Lifestyle changes will have the longest lasting and most important effects on your sleep!