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Return to medicine from the earth. Unite with the inherent healing potential nature offers.

There has always been, and always will be, an abundance of medicine at our fingertips if we choose to see it. 

Naturopathic Doctors, trainedin Western & Chinese herbal medicine, create, develop,& produce all formulas. We work with Industry specialists & Medicalprofessionals to ensure product efficacy and safety.

Benefits of traditional herbal extracts

fully saturated cannabinoids

Oil soluble cannabinoids are effectively bound, suspended, and dispersed throughout carrier oils

increases absorption

Medium chain oils are quickly absorbed and utilized by the body, the cannabinoids join along for the ride

The endocannabinoid system 

brings balance to the body

The internal regulatory system that functions to restore homeostasis following environmental stressors. It enhances the communicative network between your nervous system and all other organ systems.In a healthy state, it works as biological scanner, detecting and providing information needed for clear and smooth communication. 

Why Hemp?

The ECS needs cannabinoids to function efficiently. The cannabis sativa plant is extremely effective at producing cannabinoids by secreting cannabinoid rich oils through their glands. This naturally occurring oil is extracted and utilized for rich medicinal purpose.

* Diagram shows all systems and organs that depend on the endocanabinoid system for healthy function.

potent oil
traditional oil

Alcohol Extraction

The most universal method for extracting diverse constituents from medicinal plants. This form of extraction is utilized for combining many botanical extracts.


Marrying water and fat soluble compounds of the herbals medicine creates the most full spectrum potion possible.

oil Extraction

Superb at optimizing fat soluble compounds, such as terpendoids, which are responsible for many of the medicinal properties of hemp.

Our Promise

Naturopathic DR. Formulated

GMO Free

Caffeine Free

100% Organic


Sugar Free