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Relaxing & neuro-restorativeherbs in a healing blend.Aids the body in releasing tension & balancing energy.


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Calm celebrates the sensations of a renewed and revitalized nervous system. This blend fosters an internal environment that promotes restorative sleep while enhancing our bodies ability to resist stress, resulting in an elevated state of being.   

Contains Full spectrum hemp extract with 225 mg/oz full spectrum hemp cannabinoids.

Tincture: Potent alcohol extraction that packs a punch

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, Organic Skullcap*, Lemon balm*, Passionflower*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Licorice*, sunflower lecithin.

*All liquid extracts are organic

Suggested use: Shake well, place two droppers under tongue for 15 seconds

Dosing Chart: Available here

Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or under the age of 21.

 *** These are medicinal formulas, flavors and taste can be intense initially***
***** This product contains trace amounts of THC due to it is whole plant nature******
COA available upon request


balances & Supports

Encourages relaxation while improving the stress response

Releases tension and promotes rest

Regulates nervous system excitability, nourishes neurons


Lifestyle practices that calm

Epsom salt baths

Hot baths with epsom saltencourage relaxation, through both heat and the mineralizing effectof the magnesium. Both physicaland mental relaxation arewonderful benefits.

OptionLight a candle and keep your focus on the flame, as ameditative way to calm mental chatter.

Instructions: Fill bath as warmas you can stand. Add 2-3 cupsof epsom salt, with option of addinga few drops of your favorite essential oil. Consider a cool towel on your neck if you find yourself too hot.



If you find that you haverepetitive and cyclical thoughtsthat you cannot shake, writewith purpose and honesty toyourself & what you areexperiencing.


Take 5 deep breaths - Inhale for 2 counts, hold for 1 count, and exhale for 4 counts. Continue this pattern until you reach your desired state of calm.

Screen Time/Blue Light

Avoid screen time or sources of blue light for at least half an hour before bed. Always avoid electronics while laying in your bed, even throughout the day as it conditions your brain to associate this activity with bed time. 

Essential oils

Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, & Sandalwood. 


Walk outside for 10 minutes with no phone, music, or distractions. Simply enjoy the walk and contemplate the environment around you.


Find some mantras that resonate with you and repeat them on a walk. 

Ex: “I find love, peace, and happiness in everything that I do”

 “I love and accept myself exactly the way that I am”


Shake well

Take two dropper fulls under the tongue
add to a glass of water 

Wait 30 min to feel full effects

calm elixir



FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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