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detox bath


A cleansing blend, designed to enhance toxin elimination and dispel stagnation.


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This blend prevents toxin accumulation while removing  toxins that are already present. It regenerates damaged liver tissue, improves blood flow in and out of the skin, lungs, liver, bowel/colon, and kidneys.

Herbal bath soak: Place herbs in cotton sachet and let steep in a hot bath tub.

balances & Supports

Boosts circulation and mobilization of nutrients throughout the body

Allows our body to turn focus away from the surface, to the deep internal processes necessary for health

Serves to release toxins from our largest organ, the skin, resulting in rejuvinated and tonified tissues




1. Your skin is a wonderful absorbent sponge. Use vegetable oil based soaps/moisturizers, rather than animal products, and 

herbal deodorants ,rather than antiperspirants (inhibit sweat 

and often toxic). 

2. Saunas and steam baths encourage your pores to open, facilitating a healthy stream of sweat, the sign of a successful removal of toxins.


Dry brushing: Facilitate drainage of lymph by lightly brushing your lymph toward your heart. Ensure you use a soft brittled brush and guide movement from the tips of youf fingers and toes, all the way back toward your center.


Help your liver help your self: Increase your intake of liver supportive and protective foods, including beets, artichokes, onion, garlic, leeks, shallot, mustard greens, collard kale, chard, sprouts, sea veggies, turnips, and psyllium.


Toxin Avoidance: In today's world, with so many toxic exposures that are difficult to avoid, it becomes important to mindfully avoid the toxins we do have a choice over. Limit intake of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, preservatives, dyes, and environmental toxins to the best of your ability.


What comes in must come out: Increase fiber rich foods to soften stool and increase absorption of toxins into stool. This includes dark leafy greens, flax, psyllium, acacia, etc.


Deep Breathing exercises: Many humans breathe very superficially, not utilizing the vast space in the lungs possible for optimal oxygenation. As you breathe deeper, your blood becomes more alkaline, which is beneficial for overall health.With your next inhale, imagine filling up your lungs from your shoulders to the bottom of your ribs. Take at least 10 breaths like in the morning as a reminder to your body to utilize this space.


Add two tablespoons
to tea bag

filter water overtea bag when drawing bath

Option: Add two cups of epsom salts

Submerge & think
of peace

Watch a candle in meditation. Root into the present & calm your thoughts.

Enjoy the warm embrace of natural medicine.

detox bath



FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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