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Natural nootropic herbs serving smooth energy production. Encourages focused & productive work without a crash.


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Focus brings together the power of herbs to create an all natural, brain enhancing tonic. Balanced, yet energizing, this formula assists our brain in focus, recall, and synthesis of information. Sure to help you find your mental flow state.

Contains Full spectrum hemp extract with 225 mg/oz full spectrum

hemp cannabinoids.

Tincture: Potent alcohol extraction that packs a punch

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, Gingko*, Gotu kola*, Green tea*, Lions mane*, Brahmi/Bacopa*, Licorice tincture*, Rosemary*, & Sunflower lecithin.

***All herbal liquid extracts are organic***

Suggested use: Shake well, place two droppers under tongue for 15 seconds

Dosing Chart: Available here

Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or under the age of 21.

 *** These are medicinal formulas, flavors and taste can be intense initially***
***** This product contains trace amounts of THC due to it is whole plant nature******
COA available upon request

balances & Supports

Neuro-protective, enhances memory and cognition.

Uplifting Essence, clean energy without jitters.

Stimulates growth of protective tissue in the brain and neurons


Lifestyle practices that focus

Hydro Therapy

Alternating hot and cold waterhelps blood to pump more efficiently throughout your entire system, leading to an overall sense of invigoration.

InstructionsShower normally with warm-hot water for up to 10 minutes. End your showers with 30 seconds of cold water, remaining completely submerged. During this time, ground your intention into your feet while taking deep inhales and exhales. At first this exercise may be difficult, but with timeyou will notice that your increased energy & focus after showering will lead you to enjoy this experience.

Time Blocks

Block out time during the day forspecific tasks and dedicate yourselfsolely to that single task during that time frame. Once the time frame has passed, let the task go andfree it from your mind. Avoidother distractions during thistime including tv, social media,texts etc.

Essential oils

Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedarwood,Lemon, and Patchouli.

Fresh Air

Make sure to get outside for naturalsunlight and abundant fresh air.Fluorescent lighting and conditionedair strains and stresses our systems. 


Drink ample amounts of clean & purified water. Often headaches, hunger, lack of focus, and lethargy are associated with a poor hydration status.

OptionAdd a sprinkle of celtic sea salt for a natural balanced dose of essential minerals. 

Food Allergens

Avoid common food allergy triggers such as dairy, gluten, nightshades, and eggs. These are commoncontributors to brain fog. Allow for a couple of days to weeks to notice changes in your state of being.


Shake well

Take two dropper fulls under the tongue
add to a glass of water 

Wait 30 min to feel full effects

focus elixir



FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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