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Pairing our focus elixir and harmony drinking powder balances the nervous system to help build resiliency against stress while improving your focus and mental clarity day after day.

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Flourish Throughout the Holidays

The Doctors and Herbalist at Heaven & Earth Medicinals know how tough the holiday season can be.

Thats why we paired our powerful products together, to keep you going strong throughout the winter and all the celebrations.

By pairing our Focus Elixirs and Harmony Drinking Powder, you can power through any stressful situations, keep our body's connective tissues strong, and get through it all with a clear mind and focused energy.

No matter what we come up against, we must give ourselves the support and nutrients it needs to stay healthy through the holiday marathon!

We are wishing you all the best!

balances & Supports

Enhances connection, Promotes longevity, Restore foundations

Bolsters the regulation of most major organ systems and bodily processes

Nurture body & soul, Improve adaptation, Physical, mental, emotional stability

Harmony ingredients

Harmony drinking Powder

This blend of roots and mushrooms live intimately within the ground and are the connective tissue of the earth. They promote the rebuilding and growth of connective tissue within our bodies. Find renewed energy and wellbeing each day with a fresh cup of Harmony!

lifestyle practices to FOster Internal BalancE


Light up an incense to accompany this tea. Choose a scent to use ritualistically, like Palo Santo or Sandalwood, and ignite an intention into the spark, such as balance and focus.


Meditate on the life cycle of a plant; from the moment a seed is planted, to the welcoming sprout, to the growth of leaves and the falling of petals, to the seed carried by the wind, and the death of one plant as another emerges.  



It is a common pattern in the human disposition to get wrapped in the minutia of the day to day. Make it part of your routine to set aside a dew moments, widen your lens and heighten your senses; burst your own bubble.    


We are born into this world through a fluid filled womb. Incorporate a water ritual into your routine, such as surfing, swimming, or bathing to reconnect with the healing waves of water.


Dance isn't limited to social gatherings. Connect your feet to the earth, consciously relax your shoulders, and allow your internal tunes to come alive. This is a wonderful way to release discordant energy.


Open the lungs & throat chakra to release deep unprocessed grief. Singing and chanting are a wonderful way to open these channels. Try chanting "Om Mani Padme Hum" repeatedly or a Ho'oponopono meditation "Im sorry, please forgive me; thank you, I love you" .


pairs best with hemp, coconut & other nut mylks

Bringwater or milk
to a boil 

Add onetablespoon
 of tea blend 

 to low

Simmer& stir
for10 minutes 

Use stirring as  a meditation. Root into the present & calm your thoughts.

Enjoy the warm embrace of natural medicine.

Focus ELixir

Focus brings together the power of herbs to create an all natural, brain enhancing tonic. Balanced, yet energizing, this formula assists our brain in focus, recall, and synthesis of information. Sure to help you find your mental flow state.

FOCUS ingredients


Shake well

Take two dropper fulls under the tongueoradd to a glass of water

Wait 30 min to feel full effects

lifestyle practices to INcrease focus

Hydro Therapy 

Alternating hot and cold water helps blood to pump more efficiently throughout your entire system, leading to an overall sense of invigoration. 

Instructions: Shower normally with warm-hot water for 3-10 minutes. This can be repeated multiple times. End your showers with 30 seconds of cold water, remaining completely submerged. During this time, ground your intention into your feet while taking deep inhales and exhales. 

At first this exercise may be difficult, but with time you will notice that your increased energy & focus after showering will lead you to enjoy this experience.

Time Blocks 

Block out time during the day for specific tasks and dedicate yourself solely to that single task during that time frame. Once the time frame has passed, let the task go and free it from your mind. Avoid other distractions during this time including tv, social media, texts etc.  

Essential oils 

Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Patchouli.

Fresh Air 

Make sure to get outside for natural sunlight and abundant fresh air. Fluorescent lighting and conditioned air strains and stresses our systems.


Drink ample amounts of clean & purified water. Often headaches, hunger, lack of focus, and lethargy are associated with a poor hydration status.Option: Add a sprinkle of celtic sea salt for a natural balanced dose of essential minerals.

Food Allergens 

Avoid common food allergy triggers such as dairy, gluten, nightshades, and eggs. These are common contributors to brain fog. Allow for a couple of days to weeks to notice changes in your state of being.

resiliency bundle


Pairing our focus elixir and harmony drinking powder balances the nervous system to help build resiliency against stress while improving your focus and mental clarity day after day.

FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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