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A restorative blend, energetically uplifting and physiologically encourages a deeper state of sleep.


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This blend signals the body to increase melatonin production and decrease cortisol, which facilitates deeper sleep. Mentally, these botanicals uplift and reduce negative thoughts while enhancing a tranquil head space well equipped for peaceful dreams.

balances & Supports

Sedating and hypnotic qualities serves to increase sleep time and REM cycles

Bolsters feelings of calm, wellbeing, and euphoria

Encourages deep healing throughout the night, resets our internal clock



Alternate nostril breathing

Alternate nostril breathing, beginning and ending with left nostril. This yin-increasing breath work practice helps your body to naturally enter a parasympathetic state, where sleep is best spent.

Sun gazing

Watch the sunset: The sun has many messages for us, one in particular being increase of melatonin and reduction of cortisol when we visualize the setting of the sun. These very physiologic messages also enhance a mental sense of calm that promotes restorative sleep.

Blue light

This may require that you adopt blue light glasses into your routine or blue light blocking screen covers.This form of light tricks your brain into thinking that it is day time, which reduces the production of the key hormone needed for sleep.


These creative outlets help to release any lingering thoughts or energies that aren’t helpful for sleep. When utilized in a daily evening routine, they can help to promote additional signals to your brain that you are getting ready for sleep.

Candle meditation

The twinkling of a candle’s flame is both nurturing and calming to your nervous system. Keeping your eye on the flame helps thoughts to slow down and any sense of restlessness to dispel. Consider using a candle-incense burner to enjoy a restorative smell as your meditation proceeds.

Essential oils

Lavender, german chamomile, angelica, sage, and bergamot are all great options to utilize for relaxing and sinking into your natural sleep rhythym.


Bring water 

to a boil

Remove from 

heat source

Add one tablespoon
 of tea blend 

Steep for 

about 5 minutes 

Use stirring as  a meditation. Root into the present & calm your thoughts.

Enjoy the warm embrace of natural medicine.

sleep tea



FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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