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Supports the nervous system’s response to painful stimuli. Promotes repair & restoration from inflammation.


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Soothe targets the sensory components of pain, decreasing overall inflammation, and promotes repair of abnormalities in these pathways.


Contains Full spectrum hemp extract with 225 mg/oz full spectrum

hemp cannabinoids.

Tincture: Potent alcohol extraction that packs a punch

Ingredients: 25:1 Organic full spectrum hemp extract, Devils claw*, Wild yam*, Willow bark*, California poppy*, Feverfew*, Meadowsweet*, Albizia*, sunflower lecithin. ***All herbs are organic liquid extracts***

Suggested use: Shake well, place two droppers under tongue for 15 seconds

Dosing Chart: Available here

Do not use if pregnant, lactating, or under the age of 21.

 *** These are medicinal formulas, flavors and taste can be intense initially***
***** This product contains trace amounts of THC due to it is whole plant nature******
COA available upon request

balances & Supports

Targets pain receptors to moderate overactivity

Supports muscular and connective tissue throughout the body

Regulates release of inflammatory markers


Lifestyle practices that DECREASE Inflammation

Homeopathics for Acute pain

Arnica (topical and oral) bruised, lame feeling. 

Ruta graveolens (oral) soreness, sprain/strain that is stubborn to heal. 

Castor Oil  

Rub onto injured area with enough friction to generate warmth (or use heating pad). Be mindful this will stain clothes. Allow to soak in for atleast 30 minutes, or overnight.Do not use in acute injury. 

Essential oils

Lavender, German Chamomile, Sandal wood

Alternating hot-to-cold baths/showers

Alternate 3 minutes of hot water to 1 minute of cold. By doing three cycles of this, you stimulate the pumping of blood and lymph through your muscles, clearing out stagnation while tonifying your tissues. Option for full body submersion or locally to regions of pain/stagnation.  

Physical Activity

Movement is as helpful for painful and inflammatory conditions after acute injuries have healed.

Amount and intensity of exercise is unique to each individual. 

Strength training and adequate stretching will generally protect against further injuries, main bone health, and decrease pain if done with proper form and care. 

Anti-inflammatory recommendations

  • Eat as much food that doesn’t come in a package - focus on fruits and vegetables. 
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, refined and processed grains, dairy, fried foods, and excess meat consumption. 
  • Use culinary herbs with rich properties: Turmeric, ginger, garlic, curry, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, and thyme. 
  • Intermittent fasting is a great option to reducing inflammation in the gut and throughout the body. An easy way to achieve this is to eat dinner at before 8 pm at night and wait to have your next meal till at least afternoon to have your first meal.


Interactions & possible contraindications

Stop taking 2 weeks before surgery. 

Avoid combination with benzodiazepine (Klonopin, Valium, Ativam)

Can potentiate effects of 5-HTP supplements

Avoid with sensitivities to salicylates or have gastric ulcers. 


Shake well

Take two dropper fulls under the tongue
add to a glass of water 

Wait 30 min to feel full effects

soothe elixir



FREE SHIPPING On All Orders $100+

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